Joey Frank art show: “Seeker an’ the Trick” at The Intercourse, BK

Artist (and good friend) Joey Frank is having an art opening September 15th from 4–8PM at The Intercourse, 159 Pioneer St. Brooklyn, NY1123.

This will be Joey’s second solo show in NY and I’m very excited about it.  Model trains will be running through a large scale painting installation– can’t wait to see it all.  ”Seeker an’ the Trick” will be open September 15th–September 29th.

Come check it out!!

Jim Henson Exhibit

I checked out the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens.  It gave me some geeky thrill to see some of the actual Muppet characters in person, they looked worn in a cool way.  It was also interesting to see how many projects Henson and his collaborators would develop and propose to television, cable stations and film studios.  He seemed to be constantly coming up with ideas.

The show runs through January 16th, check it out if you’re in Queens:

-Peter L.

Talia Chetrit “Ringer” art show at Michael Benevento

My good buddy Talia Chetrit is having a show at Michael Benevento gallery in LA.  If you’re nearby on the west coast check it out.  Show runs from November 5th through December 22.

Here is a link to the gallery with images from the show, titled “Ringer”:

and here is a link to Talia’s website for more work:

-Peter L.

Loie Fuller

Loie Fuller started out as a child actor before moving into dance and theatre.  Some of her performances utilize costumes to achieve a wild range of movement, exaggerating the human form in unexpected ways.

We’re working on some clothing for Psychobuildings now, I find this footage very inspiring for costumes.  Hand colored film by the way, very cooool:

-Peter L.

Gumby fever

I recently borrowed my friends copy of the Gumby box set.  It’s beautiful, bizarre, and sometimes truly creepy.

Gliding across the floor.  Walking into books.  Nervous clay beings with beaded sweat on the brow.

Gumby is good:

by the way, anyone rememeber this Eazy E track with the Gumby reference?:

-Peter L.

Madonna “Dress You Up”

Dress You Up by Psychobuildings

This is the first entry of my new series on the Psychobuildings blog, in which I will clumsily convert a favorite song to MIDI using Melodyne, and spit it back out through my Juno 106. The process should take about 20 minutes and, in certain cases, will abstract the original song to near oblivion.

The first song I ran through the mill is Madonna’s “Dress You Up.” Pretty hectic. Based on my results, next time I think I’ll try a slower one … maybe a ballad?


Dana Schutz at Neuberger Museum of Art

Our good friend Dana Schutz is having a show at the Neuberger Museum of Art.  Her exhibition, If the Face Had Wheels, will be open September 25th through December 18th.  We are super excited for her and for her show.  There will be many paintings and drawings to see.  If you are in the New York area  check it out.  More info here:

-Peter L.

Kris Benedict art show

Our friend Kris Benedict is having a solo show of paintings at Sue Scott Gallery in NYC. Show opening is September 7th and the exhibition runs through October 16th.  His new work looks fantastic.  Check out the show while it’s up if you are in the New York area.

-Peter L.

Ryan Trecartin

I’m a big fan of artist Ryan Trecartin.

I love this:

I find Ryan Trecatin’s videos unique in many respects.  I appreciate that he is not afraid to allow humor into his artwork.

This celebration of humor– in his play with language, costumes, and in moments of slapstick physical comedy– do not undercut his intelligence or insightful ability to reflect the way humans think and act.

Psychobuildings highly recommend that you check out his show at PS1 in New York before it closes if you can– Merge!:

-Peter L.