Dana Schutz at Neuberger Museum of Art

Our good friend Dana Schutz is having a show at the Neuberger Museum of Art.  Her exhibition, If the Face Had Wheels, will be open September 25th through December 18th.  We are super excited for her and for her show.  There will be many paintings and drawings to see.  If you are in the New York area  check it out.  More info here:


-Peter L.


I could say a lot about the Voynich manuscript but here I’ll keep it brief.  Basically, it’s a medieval text written in an unknown language (perhaps encrypted) and in 2009 it was carbon dated to the 15th century.  The manuscript is named after the book dealer, Wilfrid M. Voynich, who acquired it in 1912.  
Cryptographers and linguists haven’t been able to crack the language of the text — or explain it’s images.  Some scholars speculate that the words might even be gibberish.  
Regardless of the intended purpose of the Voynich manuscript I find the images striking and delightful.  Below are a few pictures I selected from the manuscript:

The pictures are beautiful, playful, and at times crudely drawn.  I find the imagery of tubes, tubs and bathers bizarre and provocative.  Altogether it is an inspiring work to look at even if it means absolutely nothing.
-Peter LaBier

Kippenberger at Skarstedt Gallery

There is really great Martin Kippenberger show coming up at Skarstedt Gallery, March 3- April  16th.  The show is titled “Eggman II” and it includes a fun bunch of paintings, some hotel stationary drawings and a motorized sculpture.  More info/images here (the dinosaur is wild!):
-Peter LaBier